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Mental Health

First Aiders

This course is for a group of learners.  Looking for a course for individuals?

Formats - On-site, Webinar or Blended

This course is available either: On-Site

  • Best for free-flowing interactive learning
  • Delivered face-to face by an expert trainer
  • Delivered at your venue
  • Can be delivered at the weekend or in the evening if required
  • Best for social distancing and minimal logistics
  • Delivered via Zoom or MS Teams by an expert trainer
  • Can be delivered in half day sessions
  • Available at the weekend or in the evening if required
Blended (eLearning + on-site or webinar)


This course enables learners to supervise a team of Mental Health First Aiders. It covers the content of the Mental Health First Aider course, with additional focus on each mental health problem and the range of support available. The course will give learners the knowledge and confidence to recognise and safely support an adult or young person who may be experiencing a mental health problem. Learners will also discover ways to build their own mental resilience, as well as ways to contribute to a mentally healthier environment where everyone can thrive. On successful completion, learners will be qualified as 'Mental Health First Aiders'.


As a minimum, this course will cover...

Core Aim 1 - Understanding Mental Health

  • Well-being and mental health

  • Risk factors and prevalence

  • Impact on people

  • Stigma

  • Substance use and mental health

  • The Mental Health Continuum

Core Aim 2 - Providing Early Support

  • Recognition - Amplification and changes

  • Stress and resilience

  • Anxiety - inc. GAD, Panic Attacks and PTSD

  • Depression - inc. Post-natal and SADS

  • Eating Disorders - inc. Anorexia and Bulimia

  • Self Harm and Suicide

  • Mental Health First Aid Action Plan

  • Starting a safe and supportive conversation

  • Signposting to professional help

  • Encouraging appropriate self-help strategies

Core Aim 3 - Developing a Positive MH Culture

  • Destroying stigma

  • Individual actions

  • Ideas for organisational changes

Qualification - Optional

If required, the on-site, webinar and blended versions of this course may also lead to the... FAA Level 3 Award in Supervising First Aid for Mental Health (RQF) In this case, learners must be at least 18 years old at the start of the course.


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Duration - 2 days

This course requires a minimum of 12 hours learning.

Certification - 3 years

Learners who successfully complete the course will be awarded an eCertificate, valid for 3 years.

Learners - max 16

Maximum 16 learners per course

Pre-requisites - None

There are no pre-requisites for this course unless you choose the optional qualification.

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