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A mentally healthy
workplace is good
for everyone

We partner with organisations to build a mentally healthier culture through exceptional training interventions


Building awareness amongst staff is the foundation for developing a mentally healthy workplace.

We give people the knowledge and tools to make good mental health a key part of your organisational success.


It's widely recognised that managers are critical to building a mentally healthier workplace.


We share best practice with your line managers and give them the practical tools to manage with mental health in mind.

MH First Aid

Early intervention and support minimises the impact when someone is struggling.


We enable specially trained staff to recognise and engage with people, so they can safely signpost the person to appropriate support.


We enable your staff to take care of one another, so everyone can thrive at work.

We help staff, managers and mental health first aiders to develop their knowledge, skills and attitude through bespoke learning interventions or accredited qualifications.

We show individuals how to be more resilient and better recognise and support each other's mental health.

All of our training supports the standards detailed in the Stephenson/Farmer Report (2017) and the Mental Health At Work Commitment (2020). 


Research consistently shows that workplace culture causes or exacerbates problems with stress and mental health, which has significant human and financial costs.

1 in 6

...workers experience anxiety, depression or problems due to stress

£1,300 the average cost per employee per year due to presenteeism, absenteeism and staff turn over

The good news is that raising awareness of MH amongst employees, up-skilling managers and training Mental Health First Aiders significantly reduces these costs.


Potential return on investment from interventions


“Life-changing and life-saving. I now have conversations with 3 or 4 students that I'm concerned about every week!”

Zoe Rowley

Independent School


Passionate about Mental Health

We are a small team of specialist clinical educators with a passion for developing mentally healthier workplaces, where everyone can thrive.

As one of the first organisations in the UK to offer nationally recognised mental health first aid qualifications, we're clear about the benefits for individuals, organisations and wider society.

What makes us different?

Our training is tailored to exactly meet the needs of both your organisation and your learners.


Our talent for delivering exceptional learning experiences across a wide range of sectors, combined with our real world experience of supporting people with mental health problems is the perfect combination.


We'll engage your staff sensitively and professionally, motivating them to think differently about mental health and how they can make a difference.


Please ​get in touch if you'd like to discuss how we can support you to develop a mentally healthier workplace.

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