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Raising awareness is the foundation of a mentally healthy workplace

We give people the knowledge and tools to make good mental health a part of your organisational success.

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“Life-changing and life-saving. I now have conversations with 3 or 4 students that I'm concerned about every week!”

Zoe Rowley

Independent School


Changing the way people think and act, increasing mental health literacy and giving staff the tools to look after themselves and each other is the foundation of a mentally healthy workplace.

Our mental health awareness training supports nationally recognised standards for workplace mental health by helping you to:


  • Promote an open culture around mental health

  • Increase organisational confidence and capability, and

  • Provide mental health tools and support

Our training aims to change the way people think and act in relation to mental health. It enables people to challenge mental health stigma and empowers them to champion mental health and be positive role models.

We increase mental health literacy and enable people to have effective, open conversations about mental health - with each other and with their managers.

We enable people to better manage their own mental health and ensure they know the full range of support available to them, both inside and outside your organisation.


Our training interventions are designed to exactly meet your needs.

Our training is bespoke to your organisation. We'll work with you to design a training interventions that fits with your organisation and your policies, raising awareness of your challenges and the support available to your staff.

Learning objectives may focus on topics such as...

  • Defining mental health

  • The causes of mental health problems

  • Stigma and how to challenge it

  • A better way to think about mental health

  • Recognising a problem

  • Talking about mental health

  • Developing individual resilience

  • Contributing to a mentally healthy culture


The way we deliver training is what makes us different.


Our trainers are experienced educators and healthcare professionals with a passion for mental health.

This unique blend of knowledge and experience ensures that our evidence based training is always engaging, enjoyable and effective.

Learning objectives are achieved through a combination of interactive discussion, activities, case studies and self-reflection.


Our training can be delivered on-site, online via webinar (MS Teams/Zoom) or eLearning, or through a blended learning approach.