Mental health training that gets results...

Mental health is a significant element of a person's well-being. Our outstanding, flexible group training helps to minimise the impact of stress and poor mental health on individuals and your organisation.

Every course covers elements of three critical themes, contextualised to your specific situation...

'Breaking the Stigma'

All of our courses educate people about mental health, stress and common mental health conditions. We give them the confidence to talk about their own mental health which helps to create a positive and open mental health culture.

'Building Resilience'

Stress is something that we all experience. It is often necessary to drive performance, but too much stress for too long can cause problems. Our courses help people to build the habits they need to become more resilient, recognise the signs of stress and act before it becomes a problem.

'Helping Others'


One of the challenges with poor mental health is that the individual might not recognise that they have it. Our courses help people to recognise the signs of stress and poor mental health in others, and gives them the knowledge and confidence to act.

Stress and poor mental health costs businesses in the region of £1,300 per employee, every year.

Staff awareness and line manager training are widely recognised as being effective interventions that generate a significant return on investment, if done well.

Our courses are custom made for your organisation to ensure they do just that.

Startup Room
Teens & Library

It's well known that both teachers and students experience significant levels of stress and poor mental health.

Our customised courses help staff to recognise and manage stress and poor mental health in themselves, each other and in their students.


Courses can be delivered flexibly to meet the demands of the school timetable and staff availability.

Higher education can be extremely stressful for both staff and students, often leading to poor mental health.

Our customised courses help staff to recognise and manage stress and poor mental health in themselves, their colleagues and their students.

This increases well-being, and as a direct result, academic performance.

Reviewing for the Exam
Cub Scouts

We provide mental health training for staff from all sorts of clubs and groups.

These include sports clubs, such as rugby, football, lacrosse and martial arts, as well as other groups, such as Scouts or University societies.

Whatever your club or groups gets up to, we have a course to suit! Get in touch to discuss how we can help.




We are educators and healthcare professionals, committed to providing outstanding training that makes a real difference...


We provide outstanding, flexible training that's custom made for each customer. It's engaging, enjoyable and effective by design...

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