Mental Health First Aid

Raise awareness of mental health.

Provide early support to people who may be struggling.

​Build a mentally healthy culture where everyone can thrive.

"We believe mental health first aid is as important as physical first aid"

Expert trainers

We are specialist Paramedics and Nurses who have years of experience helping people with their mental health, sometimes during a crisis.


This makes us different to most organisations providing mental health first aid.

We've helped people with a range of mental health needs, including depression, anxiety and eating disorders. We have also safely looked after those who have self-harmed or who are at risk of suicide.

We have a talent for teaching and a passion for sharing what we know with others.


Through our work and teaching, we contribute to a society where there is parity between mental and physical health.

Core Aims

We believe there are core learning aims that should be achieved in any mental health first aid course. However, each of our courses has a different focus, covering the core aims to different depths.

Our learners will always:

  • Gain an increased awareness and understanding of mental health

  • Be able to recognise and provide early support to someone who may be struggling

  • Be able to contribute to a mentally healthy culture where everyone can thrive


If you're not sure which course is best for your organisation, please get in touch and we'll be happy to discuss the learning outcomes and content in more depth.

If our standard courses don't exactly meet your needs, we'll be happy to create a bespoke course at no extra cost.

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Mental Health

First Aid at Work

2 days

Best for: In-depth MHFA qualification

Team Meeting

Managing with

Mental Health in Mind

half or 1 day

Best for: Increasing line manager competencies

Mental Health First Aider.jpg

Mental Health

First Aider


1 day

Best for: Time and cost-efficient MHFA

Woman sitting on sofa drinking

Mental Health


half day

Best for: Increasing staff awareness of MH

Youth MHFA.jpg

Youth Mental Health

First Aider


1 day

Best for: Supporting children and young people

Startup Room

Supervising Mental Health First Aiders

2 days

Best for: Looking after MHFAiders

MHFA (distance learning).jpg

Mental Health

First Aider


Distance Learning

Best for: individual online learning

MHFA refresher.jpg

Mental Health First Aid Refresher

half day

Best for: Updating & refreshing competence

All of our courses are customised, just for you!

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Education can be stressful for everyone involved.


On average, three students in every classroom have a diagnosable mental health condition. Mental health problems are a leading cause of staff presenteeism and long term absence.

Our interactive courses will help your staff to recognise and manage stress and poor mental health in themselves, their colleagues and their students.

We've worked in, and with the education sector for many years, so we know how hard it can be to organise cover. We've made our courses completely flexible to make it easier for you!

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Independent studies suggests that the effects of stress and mental health problems cost UK businesses an average of £1,300 per employee, every year.

Research shows that mental health training can generate a nine-times return on investment, through increased productivity and reduced long term absence and staff churn.

If it's good for individuals AND good for business it's got to be worthwhile training.

We tailor our training to fit perfectly with your wellbeing or mental health strategy so that employees get a seemless experience.

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Legs in Jeans

Education can be stressful for everyone involved.


Up to three quarters of all mental health problems are established by the age of 24. Students are at increased risk due to a unique combination of factors present in HE.

Our interactive courses will help staff and students to recognise and manage stress and poor mental health in themselves and their peers.

We can work with your HR and well-being staff to design and deliver a course that fits perfectly with your mental health or wellbeing strategy.

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Hand arranging wood block stacking with

We work with adults and young people from all sorts of sectors, including:

  • Health and Social Care

  • Charities

  • Local Authorities

  • Clubs and Groups

No matter what you do, looking after mental health is good for everyone.

We can train your staff or young people in mental health first aid, so that they can recognise and support each other when necessary.

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Can't find what you want?

We're experts in the design and delivery of mental health first aid training.

We specialise in customised training, hence the name!

Just get in touch and tell us what you need...