Mental Health
in Construction


Stress and poor mental health are the leading cause of presenteeism, long term absence and staff churn. Male suicide rates in construction workers are three times the national average. Simple interventions such as mental health training have been shown to have a significant positive impact, improving lives and generating up to a nine times return on investment.

Line Managers, HR professionals and those in well-being roles are critical to mitigating the impact of mental health problems on their organisation.

During the course, learners will develop the knowledge and skills required to reduce the likelihood, severity and duration of mental health problems. They will leave the course with an individualised plan of actions they can take to improve their own mental health, as well as that of others in their organisation.

The course starts by giving learners a thorough understanding of mental health, as well as common causes and the effects that problems can have in the workplace. They will explore ways to develop mental resilience in themselves and their team.

Learners will also learn how to recognise the early warning signs of stress and mental health problems. They will learn ways to safely support someone, developing their skills through scenario based role-play.

Finally, learners will explore ways that they can build an open and positive mental health culture in their workplace, where everyone can thrive and perform at their best.


Introduction to Mental Health:

• Well-being and mental health
• Mental health definitions
• The prevalence of mental health problems
• Common causes of mental health problems
• The cost of poor mental health
• The mental health continuum
• Building individual mental resilience
• Substance use and mental health

Recognising Mental Health Problems:

• Stress
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Eating disorders
• Self-harm
• Suicide
• Psychosis

Supporting People with a Mental Health Problem:

• The Mental Health First Aid Action Plan
• Applying the Mental Health First Aid Action Plan

Building a Mentally Healthier Environment:

• The HSE Management Standards
• The Stevenson-Farmer white-paper
• Well-being and Mental Health Plans and Policies
• Mental health commitments
• Mental health risk assessments
• Tracking progress

Course Options

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for up to 16 learners

This 8 hour course can be delivered face-to-face to groups of up to 16 people. It will be delivered at your venue by a Paramedic educator who has a special interest in mental health.

It can be delivered in 2 separate half day sessions, on different days, in the evenings or even at weekends!

Each learner will recieve a comprehensive book, as well as a lanyard and badge to identify them as an advocate for mental health.


• External venue*
• Delivered in 1/2 day sessions**
• Non-consecutive days

* charged at cost price
** may attract an additional fee

Learners must be at least 14 years old and complete the course within 3 weeks.

This option attracts an additional Qualification Fee of £7.80 per learner.

If the assessment is taken following the eLearning format of this course, there will also be an additional Assessment Fee of £40 per learner.




for up to 16 learners

This course is available in a blended learning format for groups of up to 16 people. It consists of 4 hours of eLearning followed by a half day face-to-face or webinar session.

Please see the relevant format boxes for more information about each part.




per person

This course is available as eLearning for both groups and individuals.

Elearning provides efficiency and flexibility, allowing learners to complete the course at a time, place and pace that suits them. It's accessible via computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

The fully interactive course combines a variety of different activities to stimulate and motivate learners. It can be accessed for one year.

Following successful online assessment, eCertificates are immediately available to download. If the qualification option is selected, learners will also be assessed via individual video call (Zoom).

We offer tiered discounts for groups, please get in touch to discuss your requirements. We also provide regular progress reports and reminders to individual learners if necessary.

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