Mental Health

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  • Duration:

4 hours

  • Formats:

Face-to-face, webinar, eLearning

  • Available for:

Groups and Individuals

  • Qualification:

Level 1 Award available in all formats

  • Certificates:

eCertificates, valid for 3 years

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This course will provide learners with an awareness of mental health and the common problems that adults and/or children may experience.

Learners will gain an understanding of the mental health continuum and how an individual's mental health may change over time. They will explore risk factors for developing a mental health problem, as well as the effects that this can have on the person and those around them.

Learners will then gain knowledge of the common early warning signs of some specific mental health problems. They will also learn what to do if they recognise a person who may be struggling.

Finally, learners will consider how they can make a difference. As well as learning how to become more mentally resilient themselves, they will explore ways that they can challenge stigma and contribute to a positive mental health culture where everyone can thrive.

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The core topics are below, but if you'd like to add or remove anything, or would like to focus more on a particular area, please just let us know.


• Well-being and mental health
• Mental health definitions
• The mental health continuum
• The prevalence of mental health problems
• Risk factors for mental health problems
• The impact of mental health problems

Understanding Specific Mental Health Problems:

• Stress
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Eating disorders
• Self-harm
• Suicide
• Psychosis

Making a Difference:

• Challenging stigma
• Developing a positive mental health culture
• Building individual mental resilience
• Signposting to help

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This course is fully certified by Custom Training.


eCertificates are valid for 3 years from the date of assessment.

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If required, this course may also lead to the FAA Level 1 Award in First Aid for Mental Health Awareness (RQF) qualification.

Learners must be at least 14 years old and complete the course within 3 weeks.

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FACE-TO-FACE (groups only)

This half day (or evening) course can be delivered face-to-face for groups of up to 16 people. It will be delivered at your venue by a Paramedic educator who has a special interest in mental health.

Each learner will recieve a comprehensive book, as well as a lanyard and badge to identify them as an advocate for mental health.

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Due to the short nature of this course, it's not available as blended learning.