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Responsible for booking training?

We're completely flexible in what we do, so that you and your learners get exactly what you need.


Course content, format and scheduling can all be customised...

Flexible Content

  • Context. We have courses for different sectors, focusing on the topics we know are most important in your environment.

  • Learning Objectives. We can amend the training output to suit your situation and meet your specific needs.

  • Certification. All successful learners receive eCertificates, valid for 3 years, copied to you if required.

  • Qualifications. Nationally recognised qualifications are available for most courses.

  • Course Book. Learners receive comprehensive books to support their learning (except for eLearning courses).

  • Lanyards and Badges. Available to identify learners as a first aider or mental health champion.

Flexible Format


  • Powerful learning experiences

  • Allows two-way human interaction

  • Allows skills practice with immediate feedback

  • Delivered at your venue or elsewhere


  • The Covid-19 option...

  • Allows two-way human interaction

  • Allows some skills practice with feedback

  • Delivered via Zoom or Microsoft Teams


  • The most convenient option

  • Interactive learning through a variety of different activities

  • Choose a time, place and pace to learn

  • On any device - computer, tablet or phone

  • Same day access, course available for 1 year, longer if required


  • The best of both worlds - quality balanced with convenience

  • eLearning followed by face-to-face or webinar

  • eLearning for learning knowledge

  • Face-to-face for skills practice and feedback

Flexible Scheduling

(in-person training)

  • Easy Booking. Book face-to-face and webinar based training via our online calendar.

  • Any Day and Time. Weekday, weekend and evening availability at no extra cost.

  • Modular. Courses can be split in to non-consecutive half days for convenience.

  • Timings. Start and finish times to suit you and your learners.

  • No Penalties. Amend or cancel your course at no cost.

Wondering why learners love our training too?

Feedback is a critical measure in the success of any learning intervention.


We ask our learners whether they believe they are more competent and confident as a result of our training.


Oh, and we think learning should be enjoyable, so we ask them about that too!

The success of any learning and development intervention depends on the delivery. Our expert trainers design and deliver training in a style that is engaging, enjoyable and effective...

Our Trainers

  • Clinicians. We are specialist Paramedics and Nurses who are up to date with the latest evidence-based practice.

  • Educators. We are experienced educators with a passion for sharing what we know, so that our learners can help people in need.

  • Experienced. We've been there and done it, and help students learn through our experiences.

  • Focused.  We know what's important, and what's not. We focus on doing things that make a difference in the real world.

Our trainers have broad backgrounds and have trained people in organisations including the emergency services, NHS Trusts, government agencies, national media and Special Forces.

Course Style

  • Contextualised. We find out about out learners and then contextualise the content to their situation.

  • Progressive. We start with knowledge, move on to skills and then help learners to practise application of these in their environment, using realistic scenarios.

  • Interactive. We generate discussion and engage learners with minimal presentation.

  • Practical. We make courses as practical as possible. Whether that's applying a tourniquet or having a conversation with someone about their mental health.

  • Enjoyable. We create a positive, relaxed, yet professional atmosphere where learners can focus on learning.

  • Build Confidence. We give lots of constructive feedback and positive reinforcement so that learners know that they're doing the right thing.

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